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Asian Tiger

Asian Tiger was created by Tom McNellis.

He first appeared in H.A.V.O.C. #9.

Art by unknown.

Rm (30)

Am (50)

Ex (20)

Rm (30)

Gd (10)

Ex (20)

Ty (6)

Health:  130

Karma:  36

Res:  20

Pop:  5

Real Name:  Eric Chou
Origin:  Martial Artist
Form:  Normal Human
Sex:  Male
Age:  36
Motivation:  Skeptical
Occupation:  Vice President of Operations; Lu Khang Enterprises
Identity:  Secret
Legal Status:  Citizen of US with no criminal record
Birthplace:  New York City, New York
Marital Status:  Single
Relatives:  Chun Lu Khang (uncle)
Base:  Chinatown, New York City
Group:  H.A.V.O.C. (retired)

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Ancestor's Sword: Asian Tiger weilds a katana forged by a master swordsman. This sword was given to his ancestors and has stayed within his clan ever since. The sword is made of In (40) strength material and capable of inflicting Ex (20) damage. With the sword, Asian Tiger can also block physical missile weapons capable of inflicting Rm (30) damage or less.  
Costume: Body Armor:  Ex (20).  

Matial Arts A, B, C, D, E
Occult Lore
Thrown Objects
Weapons Specialist (Katana)

Chun Lu Khang

Eric was born and raised in New York's Chinatown. His family was not wealthy by any means, but they got by with what they had and were able to put Eric through good school. When Eric graduated from high school, his family, with the help of his uncle, was able to enroll him in a decent college where he studied Business Management. Upon his graduation, Eric went to work for his uncle, helping set up various electronics workshops and office.

About a year after Eric had begun working for his uncle, his parents were killed in a Tong war. Devastated by this loss, Eric began to seek solace in a bottle. Fearing for his nephew, Eric's uncle confided a great secret to him. A secret that had been in Eric's mother's family for generations beyond measure. His family had been entrusted with a great sword forged by the emporer's weapons masters, a sword capable of great power.

Eric took the sword one night while his uncle was away on business. Planning on using the sword to avenge his parents' death, Eric returned to Chinatown and began looking for the reponsible Tong. Once he had found one of the Tong's members, he began using his ancestor's sword to brutally question the boy for the Tong's hangout. It was during this insane rage that Eric had a moment of clarity. He realized that what he was about to do would not bring back his parents; what he was about to do would also destroy the honor of his ancestor's sword. Sheathing the sword and biting back his rage, Eric proceeding to the nearest telephone and anonimously informed the police of what he knew.

Seeing that there were those who needed protecting, Eric fashioned a costume based on the ancient ninja and became the protector of innocents in Chinatown.


Asian Tiger has appeared in: