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Bloodletter was created by Dave Zimmerman.

He first appeared in H.A.V.O.C. vol. 2 #1.

Art by unknown

Gd (8)

Gd (8)

Ty (5)

Am (46)

Gd (8)

Gd (8)

Rm (26)

Health:  67

Karma:  42

Res:  6

Pop:  0

Real Name:  Jerome Rappaport
Origin:  Mutant
Form:  Mutant Breed
Sex:  Male
Age:  29
Motivation:  Helping Hand
Occupation:  Doctor (Neurologist)
Identity:  Secret
Legal Status:  Citizen of US with no criminal record, but some minor juvenile offenses
Birthplace:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Marital Status:  Single
Relatives:  Richard Jermey Rappaport (father; whereabouts unknown), Grandmother
Base:  New York City
Group:  H.A.V.O.C.

bloodletter.gif (46942 bytes)

Known Powers:
Invisibility:  Gd (8).  Bloodletter may vanish from sight, rendering himself undetectable by normal means & senses. This power is telepathic in nature. Bloodletter is actually visible but is ignored & actually forgotten by those who would normally be able to see him. He may be seen by mechanical recording devices (ex: camera’s, video monitors, robots, cyborgs, alarms, etc) or those with high psyches or mental shielding of sorts. This power extends 4 areas around the hero, he may be seen by those outside this radius, but once they get within 4 areas they lose track of him. This ability may be used to hide others within contact with the hero, but if they lose contact then they become visible. Physical attacks made by Bloodletter also cancel the power. Power provides –2CS vs psionic attacks & powers.
Kinetic Absorption/Sponge:  Mn (75).  Bloodletter is able to absorb kinetic energy, both natural & power based, up to power rank ability. He may then used this stored energy to fuel his Neural - Electrical – Energy – Generation Powers. Any kinetic damage up to power rank may be absorbed with out harm. Damage exceeding power rank (whether from 1 or multiple attacks) causes normal damage. Kinetic attacks are considered any attack which must physically impact Bloodletter (ex: slugfest, force, impact, edges, blunt). Certain types of energy attacks, those that do force based damage, may also be absorbed (ex: sonics, optic blasts, explosions, kinetic, lightning vibrations, etc. . . ). Attacks that don’t cause physical impact may not be absorbed (ex: cold based, heat, fire, wrestling or grappling, etc. . ). Bloodletter is able to absorb up to unearthly energy with a yellow feat & Shift X energy with a red feat. .)
Neural - Electrical Energy Generation:  Bloodletter is able to generate neural electrical energy from his hands. This energy looks like lightning, but only effects the neural or nervous centers of living targets. Some computers, robots, or other (?) living beings may also be effects (GM discretion). These powers may be used up to 4 areas away, have a visible effect (lighting emitting from the hands), use Bloodletters Psyche to hit, & generally only efffect 1 target at a time. This power may be resisted with mental defenses & force fields not standard physical defenses. Bloodletters Neural Electrical Generation simulates the following powers.

  • Mind Blast (Good - 10) – causes pure damage to the targets neural systems of the brain. Target must also make a psyche feat roll or be knocked unconscious for 1 – 10 rounds.
  • Neural Manipulation (Good - 20) – effects the targets voluntary nervous or muscular systems. The following effects may be accomplished. Effects last 10 turns
    • Disruption/Numbness – target loses sensation; it falls to the ground a limb, numb mass of flesh
    • Paralysis – target becomes rigid; unable to move
    • Seizure – targets muscles spasm uncontrollable; causing pain
    • Exaggeration – nerve signals are amplified; causing target to overreact when attempting to move

Talent Duplication:  Gd (15).  this ability is very similar to power duplication (UPB – pg 81). This ability allows blood letter to borrow/duplicate the talents of others. The following conditions must first be met before this power function.

  1. must be in physical contact with the target
  2. must have established a telepathic link
  3. may only duplicate talents & target must have talents to duplicate
  4. takes 3 turns of uninterrupted use of this power for it to work
  5. may only duplicate 15 points or GM discretion worth of talents at a time. This may come in the form of multiple talents
  6. talents may not be maintained for later use, after talents are done being used or an appropriate time has passed talents fades from memory & must be reestablished to be relearned at a later time.

Telepathy:  Ex (20).  Bloodletter is able to communicate on a direct mind to mind bases. This is automatic with willing mines, or with Good or lower Psyches. Yellow feat for equal excellent psyches & a red feat for minds of Remarkable of higher rank as well as those with mental powers or defenses. Power may be used up to about 1 miles or 64 areas. +1CS with limitation – power is visible at range; lightning energy relay forms between Bloodletter & target. Power is not visible if in touching one another.
Teleportation:  Fe (1).  Bloodletter is able to teleport up to 2 miles; about the same distance as his telepathy.

Medical (+2 CS)
Neurology (+1 CS)
Resist Domination (+1 CS)

Jerome Rappaport was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His father (Richie Jeremy Rappaport) was a down on his luck gamble, who could never find the big score; while his mother was a local girl of Latino decent, who died during child birth. Not wanting to be burdened with a kid, Jerome was sent off to the States, New York City to be specific, to live with his grandparents.

Though not rich, Jerome was provided with everything he needed. He lived a relatively happy childhood, at least until his teen years where his mixed heritage created obstacles. Due to ethnic background & small stature, Jerome was constantly abused & picked on by the other children. He never really fit in with any group & was an easy mark to pick on. Not having many friends, nor being particularly athletic, Jerome devoted most of his time to academics. What he lacked in intelligence, he compensated for, with determination & hard work. This tenacity eventually paid off as he was able to obtain a scholarship for college. Jerome attended Syracuse University. It was during his college years where Jerome discovered he was a mutant.

Due to his academic achievements, & his room mate/best friend (a starter on the football team), Jerome social life took a turn for the better. Though not a member of the football team, Jerome was close friends with many of the players, as he tutored them. It was while returning from a victory party, that Jerome' s life was forever changed.

While driving back from the party, with a few friends, the car Jerome was driving was hit by a drunk driver. All participants involved, but Jerome, died. Though comatose Jerome survived without a single injury to his body. It was at the hospital, after various tests were performed on him (including a genetic scan) , that Jerome was diagnoses as a mutant. One of the Doctors (Dr Anthony Miers), a secret mutant himself, discovered this fact. Fearing for Jerome's life, Dr Miers altered Jerome' records to omit this fact.

When Jerome eventually came out of his coma, months later, Dr Miers was their to help him. He informed Jerome of who & what he was. He even helped Jerome come to terms with his mutant heritage. Over time he even helped Jerome hone his powers. It was discovered that Jerome's body was capable of absorbing & redirecting physical trauma it sustained, back at others. It was also discovered that Jerome could direct his neural energies to communicate with others telapathically, as well as instantly move from place to place within a short distance. Jerome has further developed these abilities over the years.

To better understand his power, after a year in recovery, Jerome returned to school to become a doctor. In particular Jerome showed interest in neurological fields of study. Through hard work & determination Jerome eventually achieved his goal, becoming not only a Doctor, but a respected neurologist as well.

Jerome has not done much superhero work over the years, but he has on occasion used his abilities to help others in need. Currently Jerome lives with his Grandmother (his only surviving family member that he is aware of) in New York City. He has set up shop in the poorer section of the city, working out of the hospital & his own private office. He tries to help other less fortunate then himself, by providing medical assistance to those in need. He has also recently considered taking a more active roll in the superhero community to try to help others on a much larger scale.


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