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CHESS was created by unknown; and first appeared in H.A.V.O.C. #2

Occupation: Covert Operations, counter terrorism
Base of Operations: Worldwide
Current Status: Active
First Appearance: (brief glimpse of agent) H.A.V.O.C. #2

Very little is known about the covert operations agency known as CHESS.



At the top of the CHESS heap is King (Rank 10) and Queen (Rank 9). The major base, and the largest conglomeration of men and material, is at "King's Square" in New York City. This location is well concealed. King is usually found there. Bishops rank next (Rank 8), with a Bishop Junior Grade position for trainees or recent promotions (Rank 7). These men and women serve as overseers for specific projects or problem areas. When a new major problem arises, a Bishop is usually given the assignment. Areas of Bishop control include such things as "U.S. Terrorism" and "East Coast Drug Operations." There are currently 30 Bishops in the organization, with large problem areas being assigned one Bishop and one Bishop Junior Grade as assistant. Bishops are mobile individuals, independent of assigned bases, and they are likely to have a good view of the organization as a whole.

Those individuals in charge of bases and installations are referred to as Rooks and Rook Junior Grade (Rank 6 and 5 respectively). One Rook is responsible for each base (Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.) with a Junior Grade assistant in the case of the truly large installations (New York, Tokyo, London). Rooks are the primary administrative arm of the organization, and there are currently 30 of them.

Field agents are referred to as Knights (Rank 4). Agents in training, who have completed less than five successful missions, are referred to as Knight Junior Grade (Rank 3). These are the men and women who are actually out there stopping terrorists, rescuing hostages, seizing drug kingpins, etc. Each Knight has access to a huge arsenal of exotic weapons, and for this reason they are incredibly expensive to maintain. Only about 250 of these agents exist currently in the organization.

The lowest rank of agent in CHESS is the Pawns (Rank 2) and Pawns Junior Grade (Rank 1). They are the support crew, assisting and rescuing the Knights on missions, as well as serving in technical, supply, surveillance and maintenance roles. They are by far the most numerous branch of the organization, numbering in excess of one thousand men and women.

Generally, agents are recruited for a specific position, and they remain in that position for the duration of their service with the organization. The only regular promotion is of a Junior Grade agent to his full rank, usually after five successful missions have been conducted. Within one's rank, however, there is a very strict merit system which governs perks and, in the case of Knights, equipment allotment.


Uniforms and Colors: 

Each agent has the same general uniform, with minor variations in color scheme and heraldry. There are exceptions: The King and Queen have no actual uniform of any kind (Hamlet is always is a dark gray silk suit). Knights have a standard uniform, but then a field uniform in addition which completely hides their identity. Lastly, Pawns wear street clothing while in the field, so as to remain inconspicuous. 

The basic uniform pattern is a white skintight jumpsuit with a colored inset over the left chest and left leg. Boots, belt, and gloves of color are also included. Nameplates (worn only inside the base) are on the left breast, and above this is the symbol of rank: a stylized chess piece of the same type as the agent's rank. 

Knight uniforms while not in the field are slightly different in that the basic suit color is black. Field uniforms are black armor cloth with flexible armor plating of a gold color covering the arms, upper chest, and head.






Dark Blue

Bishop Chess piece



Light Blue

Bishop Chess piece



Dark Gray

Castle Chess piece



Light Gray

Castle Chess piece




Knight Chess piece

Black & Gold



Knight Chess piece

Black & Silver


Dark Purple

Pawn Chess piece

Street clothes


Light Purple

Pawn Chess piece

Street clothes


This write-up for CHESS is based heavily on Chessmen. Chessmen is an Unofficial Hero System sourcebook based on the 1980s DC Comic Checkmate.
It was developed by: Dan Brofe, Brian Bunin, Marcus Hodges, Matthew Mactyre, Shelley Chrystal Mactyre, and Jason Vester.