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The Darkline was created by George Scholler

He first appeared in H.A.V.O.C. vol. 2 #1.

Art by George Scholler

Mn (70)

Am (46)

Gd (12)

Rm (26)

Ty (6)

Ex (16)

Ty (6)

Health:  154

Karma:  28

Res:  4

Pop:  0

Origin:  Government Experiment
Form:  Induced Mutant
Sex:  Male
Age:  28
Motivation:  Vigilante
Occupation:  Vigilante
Identity:  Secret
Legal Status:  Citizen of the U.S. with no criminal record; hunted by secret agency
Marital Status:  Single
Base:  New York City

Known Powers:
Blending:  Ex (20).  Hide in shadows, dark areas and blackness. Anything from dark gray to black he can virtually disappear in.
Object Creation:  Ex (20).  Darkline can only create non complex weapons, swords, blunt objects, etc. He can also create weapons that he can throw like razor shards, stars, a round softball sized projectile, anything he can think of that is not complex. Complex like guns or lasers, not even as complex as a bow. The weapons also mimic the material, weight and consistency of what he is creating. A sword is metal, a wood pole is wood, etc. Everything he creates is black, matching his body.
Radar Sense:  Ex (20).  

The Darkline was created (DNA augmentation/mutation) by a Government agency with the sole purpose as a deep cover operative, or an assassin. Sent into do the dirty work on many a drug lord or political leader that this particular agency didn't have an agenda for.

When he was brought back to the states to start carrying out assassinations of certain mutants on this particular agency's hit list, he started questioning his orders, so much so that one day he found he was stripped of all his contacts with this agency and fighting for his life as the agency had put him as the number one man to be all costs. He eliminated the assassin that was sent to do him in, and now wanders the streets, resources limited since the agency dumped him he gets by as best as he can.

Does some contract work for money and tries to keep the streets as clean as he can. His body is black and just a silhouette at that. He is no nonsense, tell it like it is, sarcastic, and sometimes brooding. He has killed in his past and won't think twice about taking a life while defending himself, but does not get off on it, and will not go out of his way to kill.


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