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Impact was created by Matt Kay-Conway.

He first appeared in H.A.V.O.C. vol. 2 #1.

Art by Matt Kay-Conway

Gd (10)

Rm (30)

Gd (10)

Rm (30)

Ex (20)

Gd (10)

Ex (20)

Health:  80

Karma:  50

Res:  10

Pop:  5

Real Name:  Wayne Pullman
Origin:  Experiment
Form:  Induced Mutant
Sex:  Male
Age:  26
Occupation:  Web Page Designer
Identity:  Secret
Legal Status:  Citizen of the U.S. with no criminal record
Birthplace:  New York City
Marital Status:  Single
Relatives:  Father, Mother
Base:  New York City
Group:  H.A.V.O.C.

Known Powers:
Force Field:  Rm (30).  
Kinetic Bolt:  Rm (30).  
Telekinesis:  In (40).  
True Flight:  Gd (10).  


Wayne Pullman was born and raised in a suburb outside of New York City, and had a relatively happy life. His parents were well adjusted, and although not wealthy, provided Wayne with a good education. Wayne went to Empire State University where he studied computer science, concentrating on web and Internet design. However, Wayne's school held a sinister secret. The Hellgate Society had been using the school to test a new brainwashing device on the students. Masking the operation as dream & sleep research, they tested the device on several dozen students. However all failed to respond in the manner expected of the device. The device hadn't failed. It just didn't do what it was designed to do. Wayne had signed up for the research, and had taken several treatments. The device slowly, very slowly modified his genetic structure, and imbued him with telekinetic powers. The device's incubation period was so long (several years), that it's effects were never realized. The Hellgate Society got frustrated after a few months of no results, and eventually disbanded the operation and pulled it's resources from the college. Wayne graduated college, moved into his own place within the city, and began to do freelance webpage designing. Business within the city was good, but competition was fierce. Wayne managed to hold his own, enough to keep himself supplied in computer hardware, software, and other electronic equipment. A couple of years after Wayne graduated college, his telekinetic powers emerged. He took some time to get them under control, and practiced constantly with his powers. Wayne has perfected throwing bolts of telekinetic energy, and a projecting fields of telekinetic energy that serve as force fields. He's a little fearful with lifting himself, so he's extremely careful when trying to fly. He's clocked other objects at 300 miles an hour, but hasn't flown himself more than 120. Wayne had decided to use is power for helping others whenever he could. He would try to stop crimes in progress whenever he found them, or heard about them. He didn't patrol his neighborhood like other heroes, but did what he could. After a few months of being shot at, and being beaten by a few supervillains, Wayne is not as naive as he was when he started, but still he continues to fight crime. He feels it's the right thing to do. New York is his home, and feels it's worth fighting for.


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