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Lazarus was created by Tom McNellis.

He first appeared in H.A.V.O.C. vol. 2 #1.

Art by unknown

Rm (26)

Ex (16)

In (36)

Rm (26)

Gd (8)

Ex (16)

Ex (17)

Health:  104

Karma:  62

Res:  36

Pop:  5

Real Name:  Billy
Alias:  Blitz Bonecrusher
Origin:  Divine Intervention
Form:  Induced Mutant
Sex:  Male
Age:  26
Motivation:  Redemption
Occupation:  Former Professional Wrestler
Identity:  Public
Legal Status:  Citizen of the U.S. with no criminal record
Birthplace:  Los Angeles
Marital Status:  Single
Base:  New York City
Group:  H.A.V.O.C.

An angry Lazarus

Known Powers:
Body Resistance:  Ex (20).  
Energy Generation:  Gd (10).  
Extra Attacks:  Gd (10).  
Martial Supremacy:  Ex (20).  Wrestling

A skilled athlete, Billy aka Blitz Bonecrusher became a popular pro wrestler at the tender age of 22. Within 2 years he became a heavyweight champion, surrounding himself with drugs, women & fast cars. In time, the fast life caught up to Blitz & it all ended up ruining his career. As fast as he rose Blitz subsquentally fell, winding up homeless just 1 year after being a millionaire.

Luckily, he found help at an LA homeless shelter, being taken by Father Rodriguez. In time Blitz got back on his feet, now a born again Christian. This one time monster was now a man of God. Yet it seemed Blitz faced another challenge, perhaps the greatest the Lord had presented him to this point. Blitz was diagnosed with terminal cancer & given 6 months to live.

Although rich in spirit, Blitz had no money for treatment to help fight his condition. A "fate" encounter led him to cross paths with a former business partner, Harley Rucks (who worked for XYZ corporation). Rucks offered Blitz free treatment in an experimental treatment designed to attack & destroy the cancer. As Blitz's luck would have it, the radiation treatments & eventual surgery went horribly wrong. Despite the surgeons "best efforts", Blitz died in surgery. But in a "miracle", he was rejuvenated by the surgical team, now imbued with super strength. Blitz, throughly duped by the doctors & Rucks, changed his name to Lazarus, believing it a sign from God that he been given a second chance. The doctors also discovered Lazarus' ability to generate energy (low grade radiation), having the ability to project it at will.

The former Blitz Bonecrusher, still a proud & somewhat stubborn man, was now a giant among mortals. Thankful for his "second chance", Lazarus has ventured to New York City, hoping to use his powers for good instead of his former selfish needs.

Lazarus has no idea that what was done to him was intentional. The corporation keeps close tabs on him, sometimes feeding him misinformation to keep him from discovering the truth.


Lazarus has appeared in: