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Last Updated : November 19, 2000


This is the home of the H.A.V.O.C. PbEM Universe. This campaign was originally based on a campaign I ran during my college years. The current campaign has evolved from that. The main campaign, H.A.V.O.C., picks up a few years (game time) after the conclusion of the original campaign. More information can be found about the original campaign and the beginning of this one on the HISTORY page. As this campaign is based on comic books, so shall the game synopsis be done in as close to a comic book format as I can get it. All synopsis are located in the ISSUES section.

We will be using the Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set rules for this game, plus any house rules we develop along the way. We do use a variation of the Point Generation system developed by Dale Donavan, a copy may be found on the CHARACTER CREATION page.

The H.A.V.O.C. universe is not a stock Marvel Universe. There will be appearances by Marvel, D.C., and Amalgam characters, however do not use current storylines to try and puzzle out powers, identities, or motives. If a character appears, just realize it is a character I decided to run and has nothing to do with current comic book continuity. (Ex.: Kaine from the Spiderman series is a villian in my campaign. He is not a clone, nor does he have anything to do with either Spiderman or the Jackel. I just like the character.) This does not mean I am giving license to the players to use stock characters. Forget that idea. I will only accept original characters for player use.


Most, if not all of the campaign will be played through the HAVOCMSH eGroup. All group mail will be sent through that address. Any mail that is not for the group's eyes should be sent directly to the intended receivers. All group mail will be archived at the HAVOCMSH eGroup.

Subscriptions to the HAVOCMSH eGroup are available only to players; however the archive is open to everyone. What this means is that all are free to read the posts, but only players will receive e-mails directly from the list and only players may post to the list. I'm sorry if this causes an inconvience to anyone but it is easier to administer the group when only the players are allow to post to it.


11/19/2000  Changed the layout of the site again. The appearance of the Table of Contents has changed from Text to images using javascript. I have dropped the HAVOC street level game for the time being. There didn't seem to be alot of interest in it, not to mention a lack of time on my part. I'm also re-doing some of the campaign itself. When I originally set out on this campaign, I decided to have very little common points with the Marvel Universe. However, the more I worked on it, the more it shared. So I'm working hard to return it to my original ideas.

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