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Alternate Earth

This Alternate Earth was created by Jeff Hoff. It first appeared in H.A.V.O.C. Annual #1.

Photo of Bojan Rip



This Alternate Earth is similiar in many respects to our own Earth. However, there is a point of divergence in which this Earth suffered tragic loss. Both Heli-Arcs of the super hero group H.A.V.O.C. had a friend and confidant by the name of Thomas Brody. Tom began manifesting mutant telepathic powers late in his life. (Late, that is, for a mutant. Tom was only 24 years old.) When he began these manifestations, he immediately turned to Heli-Arc and the members of H.A.V.O.C. for help. In this world, the heroes were glad to help him. However, in the Alternate Earth, Heli-Arc turned him away due to a major case the team was working. Tom became bitter, feeling his friend who he had always been there for was not there for him.

Unable to stop the onset of his mutant powers, Tom began to practice and hone them on his own. Without anyone there to coach and aid him, his telepathic powers began to increase at an exponential rate. These increases began to take a toll on Brody. And fueled by his bitterness towards Heli-Arc, they began to drive him insane.

Within a month, Tom's powers had peeked and his insanity had full control of him. No longer content to meerly blame Heli-Arc for the bitterness inside him, Tom had transfered his hatred to all super-heroes, feeling they were trying to keep something from him. His raving psychosis urged him on to create a parady of the super-heroes he had such bitterness for. Donning a gold suit of body armor, Brody christened himself Bedlam and vowed no hero would escape his righteous wrath.

H.A.V.O.C.'s enemies were numerous and it was a small feat for Bedlam to gather them together (either through promises or mental coersion) and launch one large attack on the team's base. The entire team was destroyed in the assualt, all except Heli-Arc whom Bedlam had left for last. Heli-Arc mercifully died after hours of gruelly mental torture.

His anger not sated, Bedlam gathered all the villians who remained after the H.A.V.O.C. assault and began attacking the other heroes of the city. Other super-villians, seeing the combined strength of Bedlam and his brutes, joined in his crusade to sweep the planet of super-heroes. No one was safe from the brutal assaults of Bedlam and his army of super-villians and it was only a matter of time till the other heroes fell before his might.

Having little other recourse. the remaining heroes of East Coast banded together at Madison Square Gardens to try and stop Bedlam and his hordes. The confrontation was intense and lasted for three days. But when the smoke had cleared, Bedlam was the victor. Only a meer handful of heroes were able to escape. Those who did, began forming rebel groups and training camps to organize a new generation of heroes to try and wear Bedlam down.

Meanwhile, Bedlam did not sit idle following his victory. With the few remaining minions he possessed, Bedlam pushed on to the United Nations building. Once there, he tore through the paltry resistance presented by the U.S. Army and the U.N. Security troops. Striding into the main chamber of the building, Bedlam demanded the world bow before him.

The H.A.V.O.C. team of our world stumbled across this Alternate Earth in an experiment conducted by Guardian. Guardian was trying to create a transdimensional portal. Stepping through the portal, Guardian found himself in the Alternate Earth, beseiged by Bedlam's Hell Hounds. It took Guardian a week to return to the portal and step back through. To his dismay, he learned he had not only created a dimensional portal but also a time manipulator. To those who remained while Guardian stepped through the portal, the entire experiment seemed to fail for they only saw he pass from one end of the portal to the other, much like crossing over the threshold of a door. Only the damage to his armor indicated that something more had occured.

The entire team returned to the Alternate Earth to investigate further. Once again, the team only spent a week in this dimension before retreating to their own world, beaten back by the forces of Bedlam. With them, they brought a fledgling hero by the name of Cobalt. Cobalt was unable to continue the fight and wished nothing more than to leave. When the team returned, Guardian checked the portal to ensure another trip, but the machine was damaged by the excessive heat and power needed to generate the portal and they unable to return to the Alternate Earth.


This Alternate Earth is physically the same as this Earth, except with some minor differences:

NEW YORK CITY: New York City is the home of Bedlam's mighty empire. The United Nations Building has been converted to the seat of his power.
WASHINGTON D.C.: Washington D.C. is a city in total ruin. In an effort to show that he was not to be taken lightly, Bedlam leveled the city and turned its inhabitants into mindless slaves (he commented that politicians should work the will of those who put them in office.) With this contingent of mindless "zombies", Bedlam and his minions pushed north to "Charm City", Baltimore.


The photos on this page are from Sarajevo. I make no claim to ownership of these pictures, nor is the use meant as a challenge to their owners. It is my hope that in viewing these pages, others will see what is going on in the world and try to do their part in making it better. Please, stop the hate.