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by SlashDash

This weakness can only be applied to powers that can be continued such as Energy Emission. If the character continues to use his/her power for ten rounds in a row he or she will begin to overload: for another ten rounds he will lose control of his power. Unless someone stops the character, he/she will waste all of his/her energy in one big burst (two ranks higher than rank level) then become unconscious for at least five rounds. (This is called MaxOverload.) In order to stop the character from reaching Max Overload another character must use either the nemesis power (like using Psionic Barrier on Telepathy), using an opposing matter (like pouring water on a character using Fire Generation) or by draining the overloaded character by the proper absorption/drain power.

The hero himself can stop the overload by himself in the same manner but he cannot use the overloaded power or any power stunt that came from the overloaded power.

Example: HeatWave, a member of Team Fury, has the ability to shoot flames from his hands (Incredible rank) with Overload weakness. Let's say that HeatWave is attempting to use his flames to melt through the steel door of a cage. At the first 10 rounds nothing will happen. After the tenth round, he will no longer be able to shut down his flame. Unless stopped by someone (let's assume he's not), he will reach a MaxOverload which causes him to create a HUGE flame (Incredible+2 = Monstrous), one that is of much greater intensity than his usual flame, then he will pass out.

Note: The Overload should not be checked every round. Sometimes the game can be very boring if after every five seconds the player asks if he is overloaded. The judge should act under the assumption that the character is aware of his weakness and he won't use his power if he thinks that someone could get hurt. Overload should be checked in situations where the character's mind is focused on something else such as a battle or if someone's life is in danger.

If used properly overload can also be an advantage. If we return to our friend HeatWave we can assume that since his flame was Monstrous instead of Incredible that the steel door melted, something that either wouldn't have happened or would have happened at a much slower rate.