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by Zan

This limitation works on the principle that a character who is untrained in the use of his or her power is more likely to not only be unsuccessful in using it accurately, but also may get a negative result. By choosing this limitation, a player can indicate that his or her character has great raw potential, but is usually operating at a lower rank level. A character with an untrained power may increase her or his power rank level by one or two ranks. The untrained power works like this:

A character may use his power's base rank with no adverse effect. If he or she fails a FEAT roll with the power, then he or she simply misses or fails.

If the character boosts the power's intensity by one rank, he or she still rolls to succeed on the base power rank. However, a failure result requires the character to make a Yellow FEAT roll on the same rank or else cause a negative result, determined by the GM.

If the character boosts the power's intensity by two ranks, then a failure requires a Red FEAT or it causes a negative result.

Ordinarily, no Karma can be used to influence the success of a Power FEAT rolled for an untrained power, as this negates the danger of failing, and thus nullifies the limitation. In circumstances where it is necessary to do so, then Karma may be used to influence the original FEAT roll,but no Karma may be earned from the outcome of the action. No Karma may ever be used on the failure FEAT rolls, but the GM should be merciful (somewhat) when the character is already down.

Some examples of Untrained powers: