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Version 2.0 - by Michael T. Dismuke,

The purpose of the Ultimate Talents List (UTL) is to deepen the secret ID part of the characters, giving them realistic professions. In the old system it was taken that the character with Medicine talent was a podiatrist/surgeon/pediatrics/oncologist...well, you get it. Now, there are talent categories and these break down further into the specific talents. Taking multiple talents in one category can enhance and have positive effects in reason feat bonuses or even resource bonuses. More on that later.

With detailed talents such as these, not only can the character's origin be given depth but it adds history to the player, allowing him to be unlike anyone else; i.e. Iron Man, Reed Richards, Dr. Doom and Box are all considered as having engineering talent in the old system. Booooring. Any avid reader knows that all four men use their talents in different ways (however, I have no doubt that Doom and Reed know all engineering talents). Using the UTL system allows your character to blast off into a specific science or skill, mastering that field much like Dr. Henry Pym (a.k.a. Ant-Man/Giant Man), the discoverer and user of Pym Particles.

Of course, not all Marvel sciences or talents are covered since some are very secreted and known by few people like the aforementioned Doc Pym (who has Physics-Pym Particle Physics) or the scientist who has Earth Sciences-Metallurgy-mastering the science of creating adamantium and first concocted that powerful substance. That's where your player's imagination comes in. The UTL just gives a better basis for growing.


It goes without saying that when an oncologist (a doctor who studies cancer) also learns about radiology or emergency medicine he becomes a more valuable doctor. With that in mind, it is now possible to become even more of a specialist in one's field (medicine, for example) and have it benefit one's resources and reason feats; i.e. Captain Mold has a secret identity, Mike Moldenson. Mike Moldenson works as a oncologist at BumberVille Hospital and has EX (20) resources. He decides to go back to medical school so that he can help in the fight against child leukemia so he takes pediatrics for 1000 karma points. Now, since he is more knowledgeable and no doubt a more valuable oncologist, he gets 4 resource points to bring him to EX (24). In addition, he now gets a +2CS to reason feats involving his profession and can be regarded as a specialist.

One more example: GooGooGirl's secret I.D., Mickie Micks works for Alpo Electronics as an electrical engineer and has GD (12) resources. GooGooGirl has also learned automotive engineering from her teammate PuddyMan. (They have the GooberMobile to repair often.) Her secret i.d. takes these skills back to work and they put her in charge of designing an electronic satellite guidance car for a new brand of vehicle. So, she now has EX (16) resources (because of the +4 resource points) and a +2CS for her invention success feat on the car.

Keep in mind this only applies to heros or their secret i.d.s that are currently employed in a field that utilizes their talents. (Of course, the judge could be hard on the players and not give their i.d.s this raise; unappreciative boss, etc. The reason feat enhancement would still be there but not the resource bonus. That's totally up to the judge.) This system encourages having fun with the secret i.d. in addition to the normal skull bashing hero's life. Remember, the maximum positive column shift for reason feats is +3CS regardless of how many talents may apply to a repair or invention.

Judges: Keep in mind that this system will have the players running to obtain new talents that will benefit them resource wise in their present jobs. Be hard on them. Make them roll popularity feats to get promotions. Have their secret i.d.s look for new jobs. Fire them occasionally, give them annoying work mates and when they fail on a work project demote them (resource penalties, ha ha). This is a fun way to play secret i.d.s; i.e. One of my players has a public mutant hero named Alchemy. We have so much fun in his game that he gets upset whenever he's out of the lab and has to go fight evil. He prefers spending his karma on resource advancement - building up his robotics development company - and learning new talents. And admittedly, I have more fun watching him invent stuff too.

Please, keep in mind that some talents include bonus contacts. Please, refer to the original talents list to see which talents give what when rolling a character's skills and talents.

(01-06) Alternative Sciences -

(07-12) Astronomy -

(13-20) Biology -

(21-28) Chemistry -

(29-34) Crime and Law -

(35-39) Cognitive Sciences & Humanities -

(39-45) Computer Science -

(46-52) Earth Sciences -

(53-59) Engineering -

(60-66) Fighting Skills -

*Note: Additional info. supplied in original talent list.

** Note: See Appendix at end of this section for additional fighting talents that can be mastered by those desiring to do so. The fighting skills listed here are ones available to the general public. The others must be sought out from special masters of martial arts and therefore the judge must be privately consulted to gain these. (Fighting Appendix created and organized by Oly Pubill; We thank him for the research.)

(67-73) Medicine - all of the medicine talents include first aid. All can bring back a character that has reached Shift 0 health since Med School provides basic emergency training. However, this character specializes in the field of which talent he/she rolls.

(67-73) Mystic and Mental Skills -

(74-79) Other -

(81-86) Physics -

(87-93) Piloting Skills - all talents give +1CS to agility feats when piloting.

(94-00) Weapons Skills -



Real Martial Arts Talents

New Martial art talents. The rules are simple, you must learn the Talent first and then you may learn the style. You may not mix and match styles with other talents.

Talents: price 1000 Karma Pts

Styles : Price 750 Karma Pts

(*) Price is doubled

Martial Arts


Aikido: +1CS catching, grabbing, grappling. Ability to slam regardless of comparative strength. (Style Hapki`do)


Judo/ Jujitsu: Can stun or slam regardless of strength or endurance


Kung Fu: Is considered Gung Fu in Northern China. +1CS on all hand to hand combat. (Style: Leopard, Monkey, Panther, Prey, Mantes, Snake, Tiger, White Crane, Wing`chun)


Kempo: +1CS to Flesh damage

Ken-Jutsu: Sword Fighting + 1CS to fighting with the swords (Styles: Odin, Miko Batto-Jutsu, Iai-Jutsu)


Kyo-Jutsu: Bow and arrow +1CS to Agility. +3cs is PC chooses to AIM for 1 round

Gung Fu: Southern China, +1CS on all hand to hand combat. (Style: Dragon, Drunken Master, Eagle's Claw, Eel, Irifit, Iron Fist, Frog, Leviathan, Shiva, Snake, White eyebrow, White Praying Mantes)


Naginata-jutsu: Staff with an attach blade + 1CS to fighting with staff with blade. Does both and edge damage.

Ninjutsu: Teleportation (Fe). May not increase in power. Must be rolled and you may use Karma

Shao`Lin: Negates all Martial Art Talents and Styles. In order to receive the talent must pay for an AM contact (Shao`Lin Priest) (Style: Din`mock*)


So-justu: Spear Throwing + 1CS to fighting and agility with the spear range is increase by 5 areas

Tai Chi: Aware of any Martial Arts talent and style use by the Target. Tai chi experts can read the target by their walk and prowess. They're able to detect the Martial Arts at Line of sight or by sense. No penalties to detecting Talents or Styles in the dark, blind folded or blind, they simply must be hit once. +1 one to initiative +1CS to Evading or Dodging

Tae kwon do: No pre-action roll is necessary for leaping and kicking at the same time. Can leap one area automatically regardless of strength. Note a White feat roll results in an autohit by the target (Style: Technician, Power)