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Le Monde


Hellgate Society

The Hellgate Society was created by unknown. It first appeared in H.A.V.O.C. #4.

Art by unknown

Base of Operations: Worldwide
Current Status: Active
First Appearance: H.A.V.O.C. #4

In 1896, Nathaniel Bleaker of Boston discovered a wondrous find in an ancient book. The book was the dread tome Necrophus written by the demon Baphomet at the time of the Crusades.

The reference in the book promised great rewards for whoever opened one of the four "Hellgates" hidden around the globe. The reference went on about how to open one of these Hellgates and how to summon the Infernal Hordes through them.

Nathaniel Bleaker made copies of the reference and began the Hellgate Society, devoted to the acquisition of absolute power through the opening of these gates. Since all the Gates must be controlled by the Society in order to open one, none of the Hellgates have yet been opened.

In the spring of 1977, the Hellgate Society secretly owned two oil companies, a radio/ television broadcasting system, several newspapers, nearly fifty federal judges and congressmen, two record companies, and a hotel chain. The stated purpose of all this: to recreate the decadence found in Sodom and Gomorrah, to pave the way for the opening of the Hellgates.

At the present, the secret ownings of the Hellgate Society have nearly doubled. To this date, the Hellgate Society has found two of the four Hellgates: one in a Vancouver museum, the otherunderneath the city of Berlin.


The Hellgate Society recognizes its members with tarot card name/ranks. At the head of the Society is the sinister Le Monde (the World), the leader of the society. At the bottom of the ranks is the Deuce a Denier (Two of Coins).

There are twenty-one administrators or highly skilled superagents (depending on campaign type). If you're playing a superhero RPG, it is suggested that each agent have a power related to the card represented; some samples are given. Horror RPGs should just use the name/rank.

Ranks from the Deuce a Denier to Ten of Swords have no special abilities or powers. However, the higher the rank, the better the agent's equipment will be. The Deuce a Denier might be issued a set of throwing stars, while the Ten of Swords would have a machine gun and several grenades.

Other ranks include the Roi (king), Reine (queen), Valet (jack), Chevalier (knight), and Ace. Suits are Denier (coins), Batons (clubs), Epees (swords), and Coupes (cups).


Cups: medical, medical research, drug production.

Swords: assassination bureau, espionage section, search teams.

Clubs: weapons research, weapons smuggling, terrorism and extortion.

Coins: financial section, smuggling, economic assassination.

The head of a department is the Ace. The Ace reports directly to one of the following: Cups - Junon, Swords - La Mort, Clubs - Le Chariot, Coins - Bateleur.

All organizations are worldwide, and all ranks of "jack" or above are among the most highly skilled in the field that they represent. Each section has a basic objective for the eventual domination and subjugation of the world. Rivalry between sections is high.

Cups: World domination through the control of pleasure, The Cups operatives are taught that if you control the pleasure, you control the people.

Swords: Control from behind the scenes. By controlling present governments, Sword operatives believe that they can eventually dominate the world as super-Illuminati.

Clubs: Control through fear. Club operatives believe that through intimidation and fear, they can gain a stranglehold on any political system.

Coins: If you have enough money, you automatically own the world. Through the accumulation of wealth, Coin operatives seek to control all of the world's businesses. Once that is accomplished, wealth and power will flow from their organization.

Each organization has a central location: Coins - Monte Carlo, Swords - Boston, Clubs - Eider (Peru), Cups - Paris.

The Hellgate Society is not an equal opportunity employer. It does not subscribe to any recognizable moral code.

Many members of The Hellgate Society do not wish to open the Hellgates at all, since they see their own ambitions first.

Most often The Hellgate Society uses normal weaponry and vehicles - such things as semiautomatic rifles and motorcycles. (The Clubs branch in the United States most often uses Uzis and Harley Davidson knuckleheads). Laboratories are scattered and range from high school complexity to the billion-dollar industrial lab run by the King of Cups. Sorcerous labs were created by Le Bateleur or Le Monde and allow for truly despicable acts.



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